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Documents (for download):

Topic Presenter(s) Document(s)
Meeting Agenda Nairobi-2010-Agenda.ppt
Audio and Video from Meeting Audio and Video from Meeting
Policy Margie Milam Nairobi-2010-Milam-Policy.ppt
Budget Kevin Wilson Nairobi-2010-Wilson-Budget.ppt
PEDNR Marika Konings Nairobi-2010-Konings-PEDNR.ppt
RAP Marika Konings Nairobi-2010-Konings-RAP.ppt
WG Updates James Bladel Nairobi-2010-Bladel-WGUpdates.ppt
Whois Liz Gasster Nairobi-2010-Gasster-Whois.ppt
RAA Steve Metalitz Nairobi-2010-Metalitz-RAA.PPT
Contractual Compliance Pam Little Nairobi-2010-Little-ContractualCompliance.ppt
New gTLDs Kurt Pritz Nairobi-2010-Pritz-NewgTLDs.ppt